The Wanderlust Trips

What are The Wanderlust trips?

We do believe that the great life experiences are better when shared. For this reason, we design trips for small groups in which the spirit is that of a group of friends who joined to go on holidays travelling, on destination, like the locals.

Each adventure is carefully designed by one of our Wanderlusters, in a responsible and sustainable way, ensuring you explore amazing destinations, having an unforgettable and authentic experience!


Who are The Wanderlust travellers?

The Wanderlust travellers are not defined by age or by nationality but by their attitude. Open-minded, positive energy, with environmental and social awareness and a passion and enormous need for exploring the world and connect to it? These are our travellers! So, when you book your adventure with us, you know with whom you can count! Do not worry if you’re travelling alone, many of our travellers are single travellers and with us you will have an excellent opportunity to do new friends.

Why travel with The Wanderlust?

All our trips are designed to provide you unforgettable and amazing moments. By travelling with us, you are aligning into something unique and authentic that lets you immerse yourself in local life. These are some of the reasons why you should travel with us:

We travel in small groups giving you the feeling of being exploring a destination independently, but at the same time with a good social energy, enabling flexibility throughout the course and a greater connection between people.

Our Wanderlusters are knowledgeable and experienced people in the proposed destinations and above all, they love what they do. Tell them what you want to see, do or eat and they will help you to make it happen. They are essentially there to guide you and certify that you take advantage of your experience to the fullest without restricted times and without running around!

Sustainability is very important to us and for which the contribution of all is important! Whether in education and awareness of travellers, in our policy of sustainable travel arrangements or in our Future Wanderlusters project, sustainability is something that lives and breathes among our team.

We use local transport because above all we like to travel like the locals do. In our travels, whenever possible, it is guaranteed genuine local transport, putting you at the centre of the action, allowing you to move more authentically and contribution to the development of the local economy.

We use local accommodation so you can experience unforgettable places, host communities and affable locals. It can be in a typical Toraja village, in Indonesia, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, a desert camp in Morocco, a family business in Vietnam or a swag in Australia, where you rest your head at the end of the day is a very important part of your experience and that will make it even more authentic.

Can I just do part of the trip?

Yes, although you won’t be reimbursed for any portion of the trip unused.

Can I make any changes to the itinerary of my group trip, either before or during the trip?

Please make sure you are happy with your trip itinerary before booking because we are unable to change them for individual travellers. However, if you and a group of friends, would like your own personally designed itinerary, get in contact with us.

Can I add extra nights at the beginning or end of my trip?

You sure can! To do this you just have to get in touch with The Wanderlust by email: info@thewanderlust.pt, or by phone: +351 910 281 877, before booking your trip.


How do I make a reservation?

You have a few options:

How do I make a change in my reservation?

Contact us at: +351 910 281 877 or send an email to: info@thewanderlust.pt.

How do I cancel my reservation?

Contact us at: +351 910 281 877 or send an email to: info@thewanderlust.pt.

What are the cancellation fees?

Our cancellation fees are the following:

Up to 60 days Loss of the 30% paid unless booking (and the amount paid) is transferred to a new booking for a trip departing within 1 year
Between 60 to 0 days 100% (in the specific case of the trip Transiberian Rout, the period of notice is between 75 to 0 days)

Percentages are relative to the values paid to book confirmation or payment of the entire trip. Travel insurance after being signed, have no refund. In case of cancellation of the trip by The Wanderlust, there will be a 100% refund.

Are the flights included in the trip price?

Flights specified in the individual travel itineraries are included in the holiday price. Flights to and from the initial/final destination of the trip are not included, however, you can contact us to get a quote.

Does it cost me anything to change my air itinerary?

It depends on the terms of the air reservation. In this case, we advise you to contact the travel agent/airline company for more information.

Are the prices based on twin shared?

Most prices are based on twin share (double or twin). Some trips offer single occupancy for an additional cost, the single supplement.

What does it mean single supplement?

The single supplement is applied when a traveller wants his own room throughout the trip.

Does The Wanderlust offer group discounts?

Yes, we offer!* For groups of 4 to 6, 7 to 9 and 10 or more travellers. For each person in the group, the discount is made in the following proportions:

Group Size Discount
4 – 6 2,5%
7 – 9 5%
10 or more 7,5%

Not including single supplements and extensions.

Does The Wanderlust have frequent travellers discounts?

Yes! We love our past travellers coming back for another awesome adventure, therefore we possess a loyalty program where after 9 trips with us, we offer the 10th.

Can I have an extension on my payment?

Full payment is due no later than 45 days prior to departure. If the payment isn’t made by the due date, The Wanderlust may cancel and charge cancellation fees in accordance with our booking terms and conditions.

What is included in the price of a The Wanderlust trip?

Our trips include everything you need to have the better travel experience of your life! We take care of all the logistics as the accommodation reservation, finding the best places to dine and take you from one point to another. Our Wanderlusters know the destinations as if they were themselves locals, so forget the map and the guidebook!

All that is mentioned in the “what’s included” section in the respective itineraries, namely accommodation, transport, meals and travel insurance is already included in our trips price.


How do I find other travellers before my departure?

After you have made your reservation join the Facebook group “The Wanderlusters”. Here, besides our Wanderluster that will guide you, you can find those who will travel with you, get to know them a little better and exchange travel tips before the departure.

Do I need vaccinations?

Please consult a Travel Specialist Doctor to find out which if any vaccinations are required. If you suffer from any form of illness, be sure to have an adequate supply of any medications prior to departing on your trip. You must advise us of any important medical condition you may have at the time of booking.

Do I need a passport and a travel visa?

Depending on your nationality, you may need a passport and visa to enter some countries included in your trip. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the date of return. You are responsible for obtaining all necessary visas prior to the departure of your trip. However, you will have all the information and support from us to request them.

How much baggage can I bring?

In The Wanderlust trips, you carry your own luggage, which often involves up or down stairs, putting on or taking transport, etc. We, therefore, advise you to carry a backpack, it is more practical and easy to transport. It is also advisable to bring a smaller backpack to carry a change of clothes and basic hygiene. Luggage, in general, should not exceed 15 kg, the traveller is responsible for any airline imposed excess baggage fees.

How much money should I bring?

It is advisable to start your trip with some cash in the local currency of the destinations you will be travelling. You should be able to use debit & credit cards to withdraw money along the way. Remember that you’ll need to allow enough to cover lunches, some dinners, shopping, entrance fees to some attractions and activities, or airport taxes, souvenirs, drinks and evening entertainment/nightclubs. A list of the approximate costs will be sent to you, upon your reservation.


Are the trip departures always guaranteed?

No. The trip departure is only guaranteed from the moment we met the minimum group of travellers. Therefore, you are advised to proceed to your reservation as soon as possible, so that we can confirm the trip departure.

What happens to my money if my trip departure is not operating?

In most instances, if not all, The Wanderlust will provide a minimum of 6 weeks notice to give you ample time to consider our alternative offers in trip departure date, or trips that are fairly similar in duration or itinerary. In the event, alternative offers are not acceptable, The Wanderlust will refund the deposit and any monies paid by you in advance for your trip.

What are The Wanderlust terms and conditions?

Please visit tour Terms and Conditions page.


Must I know the native languages of the countries that I am visiting?

Don’t worry! You’ll be travelling with a Wanderluster who knows how to get around the countries you will be visiting and that speaks English. However, if you have some time, you can learn a few courteous, friendly words of the native languages of the countries you will be visiting. It does make travelling more fun and you will find that most people from these countries will appreciate the effort and will be more receptive to your visit.

What happens if I’m travelling alone? Is there any extra charge?

Many of our travellers go it alone. We do not charge any single supplement for solo travellers, but we will match you up with a same sex roomate throughout the trip. If you want your own room, and one is available, it will be offered for an additional surcharge, single supplement, depending on which trip you are booking.

What kind of accommodation do you work with?

We often use the local accommodation, including hostels and guesthouses. However, once that what we want is to provide you accurate and authentic experiences, this can go through a typical Toraja village in Indonesia, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, a camp in Morocco desert, a homestay in Vietnam, among others. This should not be a concern since the minimum comfort and quality are always assured, as well as the possibility of getting to know better and interact with communities and residents.

How can my family contact me while I’m travelling?

WIFI will be available at most hostels as well as most of our Wanderlusters, so keeping them up to date with your adventures is easier than ever.

How many people will be with me on my trip?

That depends on your destination. Most of our trips work with groups between 5 to 11 travellers, plus our Wanderluster.

What other nationalities will be on the group with me?

The Wanderlust sells adventures globally. Therefore, it’s possible to have travellers of other nationalities on any trip.

Who are the Wanderlusters?

The Wanderlusters are our employees who design itineraries of every trip in a responsible and sustainable way. They are all experienced people who know the destinations as if they were locals. However, keep in mind that they are not travel guides, not even are there to walk with you by hand, but to guide and help you to enjoy the most of your trip, ensuring that everything is within normal limits and smoothly. Each trip is planned in order to provide you authentic experiences, discovering wonderful places and unforgettable adventures!

Do your Wanderlusters speak english?

Yes, all our Wanderlusters speak English. Some even speak additional languages. However, with only travellers whose native language is Portuguese, the trip will be led in Portuguese.


What is a group?

A group is a minimum of 4, 7 or 10 people who are all travelling together on a specific itinerary and booking at the same time.

What size groups do you accommodate?

That depends on your destination. Most of our trips work with groups between 5 to 11 travellers, plus our Wanderluster.

We do discounts for groups of 4 to 6, 7 to 9 and 10 or more travellers. However, all group members must be travelling together on a specific itinerary and booking at the same time.

What kind of discounts can my small group have?

We do discounts for groups of 4 to 6, 7 to 9 and 10 or more travellers. For each person in the group, the discount is made in the following proportions:

Group Size Discount
4 – 6 2,5%
7 -9 5%
10 or more 7,5%

Not including single supplements and extensions.

Where can my group go?

The Wanderlust advises you to take a look at our WanderList and choice one of the several suggested itineraries. We can make adjustments to the itinerary so as to adapt to the group’s needs. However, keep in mind that The Wanderlust only travels to places that are of our experience.


What is traveller’s guide?

The Wanderlust provides to all its travellers, upon reservation, the Traveller’s Guide. Here you can find useful information about your trip and the places you’ll visit. Some of the informations are:

  • What to bring;
  • Passport and travel visa;
  • Health care;
  • Money;
  • Etc.