António Pedro Moreira

Hi guys, I’m Pedro, as it says somewhere in the “name”section. Maybe I’m just wasting words with this preciousness.

Well, it’s obvious that I enjoy travelling, otherwise I won’t be here. But how much do I enjoy? I don’t enjoy to the point of defining myself completely, but without travelling or unaware that I won’t travel in the near future, I wouldn’t be the same person! I don’t enjoy to the point of saying that it was in genes, but the truth is that my genes were waiting for a bunch of random events to show them in what they could transform me.

I do exist in the trip, as much as the trip exists in me. We dance, have dinner together and go throughout the night until early morning in adventures that will stay forever in the dark sands of bonfires on the beach, tattoos, footprints in the mud or marked bodies in haystacks. This is the kind of stuff that I would like to share with you!


Where can you go with me?