Catarina Vizetto

I was born in Lisbon, in the year of 84. During my childhood, I was delighted observing butterflies, flowers, seagulls, crabs, waves and the sea in Estoril. At home I used to spent the mornings watching Jacques Cousteau’s programs and leafing through magazines and wildlife books. By that time, without getting noticed, two passions grew up – biology and travel.

I became a marine biologist and a master in molecular genetics and biomedicine, always using the spare time for several trips. They were not trips to me, they were life experiences. After finishing my doctorate, I could not stand the restlessness and I hit the road. In 2016 I was backpacking for 7 months exploring Africa and Asia. This experience has changed my perspective and my way of being. A life experience where I learned a lot and that served to give me more thirst for adventure.