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Tânia Neves

I’ve always enjoyed exploration-type travels, those that put us outside of our comfort zone. With only 7 years of age, I ran away from my parents’ house and survived by myself for 3 entire days. I then spent most of my childhood on a tree house, admiring and trying to understand the motion of Earth.

But it wasn’t until I was already 23 years old, when I moved to the United Kingdom, that I started travelling “for real”. First, by land, on a rusty VW campervan, and then progressing to travelling by plane – which I dreaded! Slowly I was collecting more and more stamps on my passport, and colouring my world map.

Today, I still prefer longer, slower, and outside my comfort zone travels. My favourite travels have trains, mountains or remote tribes! I think the Transmongolian train is the best travel experience in the World, because combines all of these elements in a single travel experience!