The Wanderlust_Tiago Fidalgo

Tiago Fidalgo

It all started in a small village in the western part of Portugal, the one that I left to discover the world. However, until I was 18, travelling didn’t have a meaning to me. It was already in the university, where I ended up going to study abroad, that I began, little by little, to discover myself through new people and different places. This step was life in me: to travel is to be happy!

I know that there are many motivations that make me want to discover more and, according to my awareness, contact with people from different places and to learn as many languages as possible, has been the inspiration for most of my adventures across the five continents. The most recent, together with my wife, was to travel around the World hitchhiking, an adventure that you can follow in the blog

Let us be happy: leaving, smiling, facing the differences and letting the travellers inside in each of one us live.

Where can you go with me?