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Malaysia adventure with Liliana Ascensão


Malaysia, populated by a blend of Malays, Chinese, Indians and indigenous groups, boasts a rich cultural heritage noticeable in its architecture, gastronomy and rural crafts.

Even with Islam as the cultural force, its the religious plurality is extremely atractive, providing the coexistence of mosques, temples and churches. A multicultural society of success, where the streets have a coulour that is not seen elsewhere and its friendly and welcoming people, makes us surrender at the first contact.

Of an astonishing beauty, its nature offer us one of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests, idyllic beaches, mountains of breathtaking views and ancient caves. Its numerous Natural Parks are a constant invitation to hiking and wildlife-watching and its crystal clear waters, to exploring a charming underwater world.

It’s not possible to see everything in Malaysia, but this adventure will take you where the action is, giving you an inside glimpse to this fascinating country.


  • Discover the corners of the cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur;
  • Dazzle with the tea plantations and with the “green pharmacy” of Cameron Highlands;
  • Delight with an exotic mix of cultures, art and gastronomy in Georgetown;
  • Snorkel the turquoise seas around the Perhentian Islands;
  • Adventure through the trails of one of the world's oldest tropical rainforests in Taman Negara National Park.


Day 1 – Arrival in Melakasee

Selamat datang ke Malaysia!

Once checked in, you can rest from the long hours flight or choose to start discovering this UNESCO World Heritage city.

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: -

Day 2 - Melakasee

Começamos o dia no centro de Malaca, onde predomina a forte influência holandesa, que ocupou a região 130 anos depois de os portugueses ali terem chegado e que contrasta com tudo o que irás ver ao longo desta viagem. Aqui, damos destaque à Igreja São Francisco Xavier, construída no século XIX a partir das ruínas de uma igreja portuguesa.

Seguimos depois até à Igreja de São Paulo, no topo de uma colina com uma vista fantástica para o mar, passando pela Porta de Santiago, ou "A Famosa", um forte construído em 1511 que, mesmo com a ocupação holandesa, e depois inglesa, manteve o nome lusitano.

De tarde, poderás aproveitar para passear pela badalada "Jonker Street", onde existem inúmeros restaurantes, lojas e cafés ou visitar o Bairro Português, a uns minutos de carro do centro da cidade.

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: breakfast

Day 3 - Kuala Lumpursee

This morning we’ll catch the bus that will take us to the capital city – Kuala Lumpur.

Founded in the mid-nineteenth century, Kuala Lumpur is an authentic amalgam, without a coherent style and you’ll easily notice it as soon as you take the first steps here. Giant buildings, shopping malls, fancy bars, restaurants and hotels contrast with crowded food stalls, traditional markets and Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist temples.

In the afternoon, we head to the emblematic Petronas, the symbol of Malaysia with its 451.9 meters in height. We stroll through the KLCC Park and explore the surrounding area.

At the end of the day, we head to Menara KL Tower to enjoy the sunset over the city. However, before we get there, we pass through the Bukit Nanas forested area and take the canopy walkaway.

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: breakfast

Day 4 - Kuala Lumpur and trip to Cameron Highlandssee

We have this morning left to explore Kuala Lumpur. Merdeka Square, in the colonial centre, tells us the rich history of this city being our destination.

In the afternoon, we head to the Cameron Highlands on a 5-hour bus ride through a winding road.

The Cameron Highlands are over 1000 meters high and the real reason travellers come here is reflected in their exceptional beauty landscapes, particularly their tea plantations. However, this agro-industrial area also hosts flower, vegetable and fruit productions that are exotic to the country. Did you know that the strawberry is the symbol of the Cameron Highlands?

Accommodation: guesthouse

Meals: breakfast

Day 5 - Cameron Highlandssee

The highlight of the Cameron Highlands are undoubtedly its tea plantations. However, the region offers fantastic hiking. That is precisely what we are going to do today!

Accompanied by a guide, for about 5 hours, we cross the tropical forest tracks that lead us to Gunung Jasar (1696m). On the way, a little strenuous, our guide will reveal some of the plants of the "green pharmacy" of Malaysia and its medicinal application. After a stop to enjoy the panoramic views and strengthen energies with a small snack, we start our descent, that will give us a challenging final, to the valley of tea plantations. Get ready, because the landscape is stunning! We then proceed to the Bharat Tea Estate, for a broader explanation of the production of the different qualities of tea.

Accommodation: guesthouse

Meals: small snack

Day 6 – Cameron Highlands and Georgetown - Penangsee

Today we leave the hikes aside and hop into a jeep to discover another points of the region.

On the way, we stop in a tea plantation, for another explanation of the tea production and clarifying any doubts that remained of the previous day. But the best, will come at the end, the Mossy Forest and its scenery that looks more like a movie of the Lord of the Rings!

In a walk, we will discover this forest and its ecosystem, whose origin is due to the clouds that constantly cover this area creating, thanks to humidity, the ideal environment for the formation of moss, lichens and orchids.

Upon our return, we take the bus that takes us to the next destination - the city of Georgetown in the island of Penang.

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: -

Day 7 – Georgetown - Penangsee

Georgetown may not impress at first sight, but once we get to the centre, we easily realize why it is an UNESCO's heritage. It preserves beautiful colonial buildings, as well as an exotic mix of cultures and gastronomy that has attracted international attention.

Today there is a challenge: with the map in hand, we’ll discover the various street art murals that adorn the city, getting lost between Buddhist and Hindu temples, without missing the Jetty Clan with its stilt houses by the sea.

At the end of the day, you can go for a pleasant walk along the seafront in the colonial district, where the food court Kota Selera takes us through the Malayan flavours.

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: breakfast

Day 8 – Georgetown - Penangsee

Today is entirely free!

For nature lovers, the suggestion is a visit to Penang National Park, to hike along its tracks or simply enjoy the beach.

Culture lovers can to visit the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia, Kek Lok Si as well as other Buddhist temples around the city and enjoy a bit more of the eclectic architecture with a visit to the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion. The Hin Bus Depot Art Center is also an excellent option to enjoy exhibitions, concerts and markets of national and international artists.

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: breakfast

Day 9 – Perhentian Islandssee

Early in the morning, we say goodbye to Penang Island and catch a flight of about an hour to Kota Bharu, crossing the peninsula from west to east.

We arrive Kuala Besut at the end of the morning and catch the boat that will take us to one of the Malaysian paradises, the Perhentian Islands, more precisely Perhentian Besar, in a trip of about 45 minutes.

Located off the east coast of Malaysia, the Perhentian Islands are some of the most beautiful islands in the world, with luxurious coral reefs and white sandy beaches bathed by crystal clear waters. Let's dive in these crystal waters!

Accommodation: resort

Meals: breakfast

Day 10 - Perhentian Islandssee

Good Morning! You may not believe, but yes you’re in heaven!

But if you think we are going to be relaxing on the beach, forget about it! Put on the snorkeling mask and enjoy a half day tour in these turquoise waters. Between beautiful corals and thousands of tropical fish, stay tuned! You might see some green turtles and, perhaps, one or two gray reef shark.

Accommodation: resort

Meals: breakfast

Day 11 – Trip to Taman Negara National Parksee

We say goodbye to Perhentian Islands early in the morning. We’re just leaving now, but we’re missing it already. However, it is time to visit the first National Park of Malaysia, Taman Negara.

It is believed that this vast area of natural beauty is one of the oldest forests in the world, dating back some 130 million years. It is home to an incredible variety of wildlife, from elephants to monkeys, as well as exotic birds such as the hornbill. Here, we also find one of the highest diversities of trees on the planet.

We arrive in the late afternoon, and park visits are no longer allowed. There’s nothing left to do besides rest and wait anxiously for the next day.

Accommodation: resort

Meals: breakfast

Day 12 – Taman Negara National Parksee

In the morning, after a good breakfast, we cross the river by boat to reach the National Park. The trail suggestions are several, but one that we will not miss is the canopy walkway, which allows us to experience the jungle from a monkey's point of view, for 500 meters long. Here the trees reach up to 30 meters hight and the canopy provides a hike above some of these treetops. The scenery is spectacular!

Following the hike, those seeking additional challenges can take the time to explore Bukit Teresek. This trail, although not overly challenging, is a bit rigorous but rewarding, offering some amazing panoramic views from the top. Did I say it was rigorous? Be prepared to sweat thanks to sauna climate!

In the middle of the afternoon, we set out for Orang Asli village, the oldest inhabitants of the Malaysian Peninsula. Traditionally animist people, they have been converted to Islam by some active state-supported dakwah and evangelized by Christian missionaries. However, their lifestyle still remains quite traditional and that is precisely what we are going to witness today, respecting, at the same time, their family and individual privacy.

The night can be entirely dedicated to the well-deserved rest after this day of hiking or, for those who want, doing a night trek (not included).

Accommodation: guesthouse

Meals: -

Day 13 – Trip to Kuala Lumpursee

It is time to come back to Kuala Lumpur and a few hours by boat and bus await us. Enjoy the trip resting, because tonight there are no excuses, we’re coming out!

. Finally, how about a drink at the famous Sky Bar or Marini's on 57 overlooking the iconic Petronas?

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: -

Day 14 – Return from Kuala Lumpursee

Your adventure in Malaysia, comes to an end today. I believe that the memories are fantastic, full of symbols and different colours, adorned by the sympathy of this people who have welcomed us so well.

Selamat tinggal give khasi terima!

Accommodation: -

Meals: breakfast

What is included?

  • Days: 14
  • Accommodation: 13 night in hotel, guesthouse and resort
  • Transports: bus, airplane and boat
  • 9 Meals: 8 breakfasts, 1 small snak
  • Activities: All the activities mentioned on the itinerary
  • Guide in Cameron Highlands
  • Travel insurance on the dates of the program
  • Monitoring and guidance throughout the whole trip by Liliana Ascensão
  • Groups: 4 (minimum), 9 (maximum)


What is not included?

  • International Airfare
  • Visa
  • Airport Transfer (~35€)
  • Transports within the cities (~ 3€)
  • Single supplement: 300€
  • Tourism tax (2€/room/night)
  • Unspecified meals (~8€/day)
  • Extra activities
  • Unspecified visits
  • Expenses of personal nature
  • Tips

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