Mysterious Uzbekistan with Tiago Fidalgo


Uzbekistan and its people – asian looking, muslims and speaking russian – makes one love this exotic and unique journey.

We are going to wander around Samarkand, the historic link between east and west; Bukhara, where we can feel what the silk route was and the holy city for muslims, and Khiva – a Time Travel.

For sure the food, the culture and the nature will make us fall in love with the country and with its history so well preserved.


  • Discover the largest and the most cosmopolitan city in Central Asia – Tashkent
  • Visit the desert where half century ago there was a sea
  • Experience one of the most iconic and beautiful cities along the silk route
  • Wander around a muslim holy city
  • Have a Time Travel inside Khiva’s walls


Day 1 – Arrival in Tashkentsee

Smile, here is the beginning of the adventure of your life!

After the arrival in Tahskent, you will have time to take a rest and recover from the long journey. It might be a good idea to go and try one of the uzbek typical dishes – Plov. Welcome!

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: -

Day 2 - Tashkentsee

Как дела? While in Uzbekistan, as well as in the other cities of central Asia, you will get used to hearing the people speaking Russian everywhere.

The Khast Imam religious complex and the most famous sights such as Amir Timur Square, Independence Square, Earthquake Memorial, and the uzbek people national museum are the best overview of the ancient and powerful Turkistan Empire. After all, we cannot miss the the local markets, Chorsu in one of them.

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: breakfast

Day 3 – Fergana Valley (Kokand - Fergana)see

Early morning, after the breakfast, starts our adventure in the uzbek trains, this time towards Fergana Valley. The valley is very fertil and green, surrounded by mountains with a fabulous landscape. We will explore the colorful city of Kokand and in Fergana city we will not miss visiting the fortress, the museum and the market.

Accommodation: guesthouse

Meals: breakfast

Day 4 – Fergana Valley (Fergana – Margilan)see

We will continue our adventure around Fergana Valley, enjoying the nature, the food the people and the silk looms. There are border disputes going on between the neighbouring countries due to the oil exploration in that area.

After the Soviet Union collapse, the political map has not matched the local culture and different ethnicities. This is one of the biggest colonization issue worldwide.

In the afternoon, the night train will take us to Bukhara. That’s a good a opportunity to learn some Russian with the local passengers.

Accommodation: train cabin

Meals: breakfast

Day 5 - Bukharasee

Early morning we will be in Bukhara and so we start our journey in this iconic and holy city for the muslims. Bukhara is close related to the silk road, where many cultures and traditions get to meet. Again, we cannot miss the beautiful markets (bazaars).

In spite of being in Uzbekistan, in this region the main spoken language is the Tajik as well as in Samarkand due to the decolonization and reorganization of the political map.

We will find a lot about the Tajik/Persian history during the following days.

It's a perfect time to try a баня (banya) – the typical Sovietic steam bath, you will have a spare time for that.

Accommodation: guesthouse

Meals: -

Day 6 - Bukharasee

We will keep discovering Bukhara, the Central Asia's Mecca. The Lyabi-i-Hauz square, the mosque and Kalon Minaret will be part of our sightseeing.

Around Bukhara outskirts there is the Naqshbandi Mausoleum – an important founder of the Sufism in the region.

In the afternoon we are going to take a fast train to Samarkand.

Accommodation: guesthouse

Meals: breakfast

Day 7 - Samarkandsee

Here we are in Samarkand, definitely one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Registan is its main square and there we will start our city tour. This city is also a very important place in ancient the silk road.

Samarkand hides many tales, along with the “one thousand and one nights” comes another love story related to Amir Timur and Bibi-Khanym mosque.

Accommodation: guesthouse

Meals: breakfast

Day 8- Samarkandsee

In this incredible city we will keep enjoying the mosques, madrassas and mausoleums linked to history of the region and its important personalities.

In the Bazar we will be able to think of the times when the people where traveling from Europe to Asia by camel. We will still have time to visit the Shah-i-Zinda religious complex and Gur-e-Amir mausoleum, where we can find Amir Timur tomb.

Accommodation: guesthouse

Meals: breakfast

Day 9 – Shahrisabzsee

After taking a rest, we will take a mashrutka to Shahrisabz, the place where Amir Timur was born. It will takes us about one and half hour to get there.

Once we get there, we will start by the ruins of Ak Saraï Palace and some of the huge mausoleums and mosques spread around this village which was not part of the russification process and probably let Samarkand in the shade once upon the time.

After coming back to Samarkand enjoying the sunset in the city we will take the night train to Urgench.

Accommodation: train cabin

Meals: breakfast

Day 10 - Urgenchsee

We will arrive in the morning and, before getting to Khiva, we will have time to visit the Bazaar and to wander along the river of this non touristic village.

Accommodation: guesthouse

Meals: -

Day 11 – Khivasee

Time to discover this historic village which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. This is one of the most important and beautiful places of the great silk road, along with Bukhara and Samarkand.

Visiting Ichan Kala complex we will enjoy the Walls, the Minarets and the fantastic Mosques, Mausoleums and Madrassas of this village. It will become a true time travel.

Here is the highest Minaret in Centeal Asia – Kalta Minor.

Accommodation: guesthouse

Meals: breakfast

Day 12 - Nukussee

In the morning we will take a shared taxi to get to Nukus.

After our arrival, we will visit the amazing Savtski Art’s Museum. This is a good representation of Karakaspakstan region and one of the most iconic of the soviet times. We will have time to visit the traditional Bazar and walk along the river which crosses the arid lands of the region.

Accommodation: guesthouse

Meals: breakfast

Day 13 - Mojnaksee

After breakfast, by shared taxi, we will be heading to the place where there was a sea not long ago. There we can see some abandoned ships which sank in the sand after the Aral sea has shrunk.

During the soviet times the natural resources in the area were overused and the aral sea shrinking is a result of the massive cotton production.

In the afternoon we will be back to Nukus where we will take the flight to Tashkent.

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: breakfast

Day 14 - Return from Tashkentsee

It is sad but that’s the end of this amazing journey. It is time to reflect and think about everything we saw, everything we felt, everything we experienced during these two weeks exploring the amazing Uzbekistan.

According to your flight schedule, you will be taken to the airport.

Rahmat и до свидания!

Accommodation: -

Meals: breakfast

What is included?

  • Days: 14 days
  • Accommodation: 3 nights in a hotel, 8 nights in a guesthouse, 2 nights in a night train;
  • Transports: 1 domestic flight; 4 intercity trains, 1 intercity bus, 7 intercity shared taxis, all transfers within the program dates;
  • 11 meals: 11 breakfasts;
  • Activities: All the activities mentioned on the itinerary
  • Travel insurance on the dates of the program
  • Visa
  • Groups: 5 (minimum), 11 (maximum)


What is not included?

  • International airfare
  • Visa
  • Single supplement: 100€
  • Unspecified meals (~150€)
  • Extra activities
  • Unspecified visits
  • Expenses of personal nature
  • Tips

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