About Us

We plan authentic adventures for Wanderlusters.

We dare to take the position of that friend who knows the best places, the best way to get there and stills save money. Someone who can plan the whole trip, establish contacts and deal with the unexpected. We recognize the privilege that is to travel the world, experience all cultures and places in such a way that we want to share it with others, leading travellers to leave a positive mark wherever they go.


The Wanderlust is about travelling, adventuring, discovering, exploring and living the world! It is, at the same time, engage with travel destinations, protecting and respecting their communities, culture, traditions and environment.

We believe that travellers can have a positive impact on the destinations they visit, having an open mind, being informed and willing to immerse in other cultures. Therefore, we provide experiences in several corners of the world where our focus is sustainability. This way we contribute to the preservation of our destinations and their improvement today and in the future, for the locals as well as the visitors. At the same time, we try to make the experience of our travellers more enriching, rewarding and enjoyable. They always bring something with them, memories, experiences, friendships and simultaneously, leave something good behind!

The Wanderlust plan responsible and sustainable travels and support or promote local projects at the destination, with our philanthropic project Wander For Good. By this we leave our travellers more satisfied once that they see where their time, money and help goes.


Responsibility and Sustainability


While traveling we use our influence as travellers to support best practices to explore destinations and to enjoy the wonderful landscapes, cultures and inspiration they offer us. It is true that no country is perfect, but it is up to us, travellers, to do what is right!

Although there are countless ways to travel sustainably, we provide some of our practices and tips that benefit the local communities and the environment as a whole.

Our Part

The planning of our adventures is aware and respect the local culture and communities, the conservation of nature, wildlife and environment. Travelling responsibly, we have the opportunity to leave a positive impact and therefore, a positive image of visitors.

We use local owned accommodations

We enjoy small accommodations managed by locals.

We move like locals

We incorporate public transport, rent bicycles or explore by walking.

We eat like locals

We recommend and we enjoy the local restaurants.

We establish partnerships

With local agencies, companies and guides.

Community and Culture


We respect the environment

We ensure that our trips have a limited physical impact on the destination.

We are aware

We ensure that our trips have a limited physical impact on the destination.

We promote intercultural understanding

We offer real life experiences that promote cross-cultural understanding.

Your Part

The contribution to the sustainability of our trips it is up to us all. You, while traveling have a key role. Don’t only see the world, make it better! When traveling, respect and support the culture and traditions and help to maintain the natural beauty of a destination, leaving it untouched and reducing the use and loss of precious resources like water, food and energy.



Adapt to Culture

Inform yourself about the language, religion, culture and etiquette of the place where you are traveling.

Learn a few phrases

On the local language and don’t be afraid to use them, it always helps to break the ice.

Be aware

Always choose restaurants and shops that do not promote cruelty and exploration of humans and animals.


Always ask before photograph or videoing people. After permission show or send them, establishing a two-way change.


Support Local

Eat and drink local brands, look for local owned restaurants and accommodation.

Avoid excessive bargain

The sells affect the livelihoods of the sellers. That extra euro may make a difference for them.

Keep the traditions alive

Shopping from local artisans using traditional methods for their crafts.

Support the local community

Support the community through a reputable local organization, instead of giving money to people on the streets.

Recycle and Reuse


Recycle wherever possible

Separate paper from plastic and metals.

Hang hotel towels

Do you really need to replace them daily?

Minimise waste

Always take with you a reusable water bottle and a shopping bag.


Save Energy

The lights, air conditioning and appliances that are not being used, must be turned off and unplugged when you leave your room.

Use water sparingly

While you brush your teeth and take shower.

Avoid prepackaged

Take always your own toiletries to avoid all the nasty packaging used by the hotels.

Do not print brochures

Keep them in you smartphone to consult them.

Be Aware


Take only pictures, leave nothing but footprints

Souvenirs taken from the natural environment can leave devastating lasting effects.

Leave nature untouched

Restrict yourself to designated paths.

Do not stimulate animals for your entertainment

Observe them exhibiting their natural behaviours.

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