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Australia: The Land down under with Sofia Machado

Sofia quitted her job, packed 20 Kg of her life in a backpack and changed Portugal by Australia.

Already with 6 years in the country, recognizes that her life has clearly changed. Now, instead of travelling looking for the contact with the nature, lives surrounded by it. There is no weekend that she doesn’t venture out through the country that is known by its climate, stunning beaches and for having one of the most diverse terrestrial and marine fauna. She lives to accumulate travel experiences and settle down, it’s not on her plans.

Now, returns to origins for 2 months and comes to share a little of what has been her aussie life and the experiences that she will provide you if you embark with her on the trip to Australia in September 2016.

Lisbon and Oporto are the cities that will allow you to travel with sofia Machado, by now, without getting out of the “couch”. We count on you in this trip!


Lisboa: 12th of December || 5 p.m. || Mouradia; Beco do Rosendo, 4, 6, 8 e 10


Oporto: 16th of January || 9.30 p.m. || So Cool Hostel Porto; Rua da Boavista, 783