Cau Costa

It all started as a puzzle.

I’ve spent hours fitting the pieces of legos, then the regions of Portugal, finally the countries on the world map.

My first long distance travels were done thanks to my imagination and other people’s eyes. Later I was sure, upon crossing the Iberian border, that this wandering impulse for discovering the world would not abandon me.
Starting avidly with Europe, I went looking for the Southern breezes in America and Australia, and on the way back I’ve stopped at several checkpoints in Asia.

Along the way, I realized that for travelling, as for living, one needs to give himself time, see further on.
That is why I rather go slow, by inspiration, in a quest for knowledge and a good story. I live to feel free for the unexpected, finding the road’s dust on my skin and nature, in its infinity, everywhere.
The great magic of travel is to allow one to get out of itself, see the world through different eyes, which makes each day unique and whole.

Maybe the biggest joy comes from that discovery, every time I share the places I like and know with someone.

In one sentence, my professional business card would be “IT consultant in the fields of hospitality, travel and tourism”.
In two I would have to add “inveterate dreamer and fond of serendipity”.

Tours with Cau Costa

  • “Always available to help.”
  • "Efficient, friendly and helpful."
    Manuel Pimentel
  • "Cau Costa has always been attentive to the difficulties encountered trying to solve them in the best way. He is a great negotiator, extremely communicative and knowledgeable of Peruvian culture."
    Ana Cunha
  • "Very friendly and always helpful, even in the (few) less pleasant situations"
    Pedro Guardado
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