Fábio Inácio

In my opinion all the corners of the world have something magical, something that differs them from any other place, it can be the people, the landscapes or simple their smell. For these reasons, I believe that all of them deserve to be visited, deserve to be lived. There isn’t the beautiful and the ugly, there isn’t the good and the bad, instead there is a difference, which makes each place special in his own way.

I travel mostly to share, share knowledge, share stories, share moments, share smiles…

Tours with Fábio Inácio

  • "Relaxed, friendly, fun, efficient."
    Maria João Baptista
  • "Super professional and organized."
  • "Fábio was "that friend that we went to visit in India", who received us, showed and shared (so well, so well!)" his so special and unique, India!"
    Daniela Serra
  • "Fabio was relentless! We could not have a better leader for this destination. When it was necessary to lead, he led, when it was necessary to support, he supported, always calm. An attitude that reflected in the good disposition and empathy of the group and that gave the trip a dynamic that exceeded expectations."
    Maria Isabel Nunes
  • "Fábio was tireless throughout the trip, always calm and helpful. The availability and calm of Fabio are important in a country where everything is unforeseeable."
    João Sobral
  • "Available, efficient and organised. Well planned trip."
    Sara Antunes
  • "Good travelling mate, he efficiently followed all the elements of the group."
    Ju Alves
  • "Fábio has a deep knowledge of India which makes the experience even more enriching. He is a facilitator in less good situations. "
    Tiago Reis
  • “Perfect, always there!”
  • “Tchacha Relaxed!”
    Isabel Castro e Silva
  • “Dhanyavaad xaxa Fábio. Namaste.”
    Ana Luz
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