Liliana Ascensão

I really like traveling, to the outside and to the inside, and I mix one with the other. I create opportunities to expand the vision of the diversity that this planet offers and to understand more of the complexity of all things. I am part of nature, like everyone is, and I am well aware.

I am motivated by passions and purpose, I am passionate about Freedom. I believe that we are here to walk each other home and it inspires me greatly that all of those who want can take the bigger lap.

Tours with Liliana Ascensão

  • "Relaxed but attentive to the needs of each one and the dynamics of the group."
    Vânia Raposo
  • "Great professional, always full of energy."
  • "Liliana is one of the most fascinating and inspiring people I've met in recent times."
    Nuno Cruz
Turimso de Portugal RNAVT 4989