Miriam Augusto

To travel is my favourite verb and, at the same time, an addiction. It’s something that is well rooted in the family, that’s why I’ve begun travelling since I was a child with my parents. However, it was after college that I’ve truly begun to venture out the world. So far, I have not stopped and I don’t want to!

I particularly like backpacking through countries with a culture and civilization completely different from mine. Lose myself between streets and alleys, smells, sounds and tastes. Enjoy the silence of the mountains, the majesty of the temples and the vastness of the forests. Enjoy a beautiful beach, ride some good waves and explore the wonderful underwater world. Observe animals in their natural habitat and the daily lives of the people that cross my path. Feel the differences that make us unique and, at the same time, equals!

Tours with Miriam Augusto

  • "Miriam was absolutely fantastic, and her experience was fundamental in making this trip even more unforgettable! I am delighted to have met you and that she has led our trip. I would recommend any trip led by her without thinking twice!"
    Margarida Lopes
  • "Extremely professional and capable. I particularly enjoyed the way of being and the ability to create a very close relationship with the group."
    Elisabete Novais
  • "Excellent tour leader and always available."
    Rita Lynce
  • "An authentic buddy traveller."
    Ana Matos
  • "She infected the travellers with sympathy and made us see the best of Morocco."
    Richard Silva
  • "Miriam Augusto, in addition to being an excellent tour leader, treated me as if I was part of her family. Clearly, this trip would not be the same without the availability, attention and affection... Thank you, Miriam, for making this trip unforgettable :)"
    João Mouzinho
  • "Without Miriam, the trip would not have the same charm. Super helpful, fun, friendly, knowledgeable of culture... it was top. The best leader in the world!"
    Joana Bandeira
  • "Of a contagious sympathy!"
    Jorge Rodrigues
  • "Always present and available, coupled with sympathy, make her one of the best I've ever travelled with!"
    Rui Vale
  • "Five stars! Always accessible, ready to deal with problems, "fierce" in making happen what was "booked"! ;-)"
    Rui Vale
  • "Always attentive and available. Very organised."
    Cristina Rodrigues
  • "A "friend" that took care of everything for us."
    Goreti Pereira
  • "Very observant and sensitive to the characteristics of each one, Miriam strives for each person in the group to have their space and participate/enjoy the trip that she leads."
    Helena Jorge
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