Patrícia Campos


I’m Patricia, and my family tells me that the traveller genes can only be from one side of my family, the Campos one. These genes that only expressed themselves after my mission in Angola, several trips throughout Europe with friends and some solo trips in Asia and Middle East.

I built a life and a stable professional career, helping people as an emergency technician at the Portuguese Red Cross. I drew a circle of real and good friends and created roots buying a house in my hometown. These genes, even taking so long to express themselves, led me, this year, to venture out with all the dreams on a journey with no return date.
I travel, give wings to imagination and tell travel stories. I photograph to keep the moments alive. I share my odyssey and inspire travellers in my blog:

Tours with Patrícia Campos

  • "Helpful, within what it was possible to be! In certain situations, it could not have been more for imponderables that cannot be attributed to her."
    Rui Vale
  • "Patricia's performance was excellent, I would make another trip with her with great pleasure."
    Nuno Vinhas
  • "It was incredible to meet Patricia and be guided by her, with all her availability and patience, it is not always easy to gather a group of different personalities and manage to mediate everything so that nothing goes wrong :)"
    Joana Machado
  • "Without a doubt, I'm going back to travel with Patricia again !! 🙂 Friendly, always attentive, always available, organised and calm are just some of the characteristics that can describe Patricia."
    Andreia Lopes
  • "Patricia is the ideal tour leader. She challenges our curiosity, minimises conflicts, is attentive to the needs of each one, always knowing how to balance and motivate a group as diverse as ours."
  • "Very communicative, affable, helpful and efficient, always available."
    Teresa Cyrne
  • "Organized, available and patient."
    Sara Antunes
  • "Always available, with all the information and a smile."
    Gabriela Maia
  • "Patricia was the necessary logistical support for the trip to run smoothly. She showed the willingness to do a good job and always be helpful."
    Pedro Simões
  • "Patricia was always very helpful, attentive and available for all the situations requested by all."
    Joel Silva
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