Mongolia Active Kids

Mongolia Active Kids is an original The Wanderlust project, an idea that came from our experience travelling in the country. With a concentration of more than 70% of the population in the capital Ulaanbaatar, and with precarious or nonexistent roads, there is a lack of infrastructures in most cities and villages outside the capital.

Despite its unstable economy, thankfully there aren’t many issues with other major concerns, such as hunger or cold. Although restricted, the traditional diet of the nomadic people is based on animal products, raised by the families themselves. Also, despite the large thermal amplitudes, the Mongol gers with their efficient heating system are more than enough to surpass the aggressive temperatures with minimal comfort.

W e then decided to create this project, where we will directly contribute towards some of the infrastructures that Mongol kids look forward to. Most kids in Mongolia have a great passion for basketball, so our first contribution will be to apply a new basketball court in villages that do not yet have it, so that young people and children can enjoy it.

The Wanderlust and Mongolia Active Kids

The Wanderlust, together with our local partners, are available to identify cases of minor improvements to the well-being of young communities, according to their needs.

So far we have been able to point to this small village, to whom we offer the basketball court, and we aim to be able to contribute with more infrastructures in other locations as well.

W henever The Wanderlust travels to Mongolia, part of the profit from the trip goes directly towards this project, promoting its continuity.

How can you help?

Travel with us to Mongolia or on the Trans-Siberian, and you will are already be helping!

Keep an eye on our campaigns, contribute and spread the word. Volunteer or donate. Contact us for more information.

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