Nepal Elephant Walk Sanctuary

Nepal Elephant Walk Sanctuary was registered in November 2018, but started its operations long before that, by the hands of Coranne Plummer. Coranne’s first visit to Nepal (March 2015), was as a volunteer with Elephant Aid International, where the volunteers helped build a fence, allowing 13 elephants to be kept unchained. After a second visit as a volunteer, Coranne decided to move to Nepal to dedicate her life to saving elephants, a goal abruptly cut short in September 2017, due to an almost fatal illness. Now recovering in her home country, Canada, and despite her two life-life-threatening surgeries, Corante has been following up on her work and dedication to make this dream come to life. Coranne’s has implemented some pioneering projects, such as the “happy hours” (where Coranne was paying for the usual elephant rides, but instead of taking the ride the elephants would just take a break from their long days working carrying tourists), and was also a key element on the 2017 documentary “Unchained”, by Alex C. Rivera.
In 2018, a piece of land had been allocated to create the first elephant sanctuary in Nepal, and in November the Nepal Elephant Walk Sanctuary was officially registered. The main goal is to promote elephant freedom, and to retire working elephants – the Nepalese Government has currently 60 working elephants in Chitwan National Park alone, and the zoo’s elephant is still working carrying tourists, despite being over 70 years old already. Not to mention all other elephants that are privately owned and serve solely for touristic entertainment, endangering not only their health and well-being but also the continuity of the whole species in Nepal.

The Wanderlust and Nepal Elephant Walk Sanctuary

The Wanderlust is committed to helping the Nepal Elephant Walk Sanctuary become a reality, something we see as a priority in Nepal. In a place where elephant rides are still seen as normality, there is an urgent need to educate and create conditions that will both help the tourism industry and the sustainability and protection of the elephants, educating the local community on alternative activities. Priority is given to the retirement of working elephants, by creating a place where tourists have the opportunity to engage in elephant activities, but respectfully and sustainably, promoting continuity of the species in a healthy environment.

How can you help?

Travel with us to Nepal, and you will already help since 10% of our profit on this tour revert to the project.
Keep an eye on our campaigns, contribute, donate and spread the word.
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