Sharadha Shelter for Children

Sharadha Shelter for Children (NGO) was born in 2013, by the hands of Milan and his wife, Sharadha. The idea came up when they both met: Sharadha herself was also raised in a children’s shelter, following her father’s death. Milan, born of the remote region of Gorkha and coming from the lower castes, was ostracised by the community itself. Together, they decided to create a space to welcome orphan children, with similar backgrounds to those that they had experienced themselves so that these children could have a dignified, healthy and hopeful future ahead.

During 2015 earthquake, their home and children shelter was destroyed. After a period where, like many other families, they were living on the streets, Milan and Sharadha, together with their two children and 12 orphaned children (ages 4 to 14), found a new home in a temporary building. According to a new Nepalese law, they must leave this building. The new permanent residence is currently under construction, and once completed, they plan to welcome even more children.
To relieve the pressure of their shoulders, attempts have been made to organise volunteer activities to help the family with other tasks, as well as raising donations as needed: winter clothing, household expenses as well as side activities (girls love to dance, and the boys love football).

Overall, the work that Milan and Sharadha have been doing is the incalculable challenge of being the father and mother of these 12 children who had nothing. Moreover, it is unmeasurable the great love that lives in a house that has already been destroyed and destitute, but that is unshakeable by the greatness of the spirit of two beings who only want the best for the children.

The Wanderlust and Sharadha Shelter for Children

The Wanderlust supports Sharadha’s to ensure the continuity of children’s well-being while raising funds for the construction of the new building.
So far, we have got winter clothes and new bedding for all children, as well as financial donations for the own expenses.
Whenever The Wanderlust travels to Nepal, 10% of the tour’s profit goes to the organisation so that it can continue the incredible work it has done with these children.

How can you help?

Travel with us to Nepal, and you will are already be helping!

Keep an eye on our campaigns, contribute and spread the word. Volunteer or donate. Contact us for more information.

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