Sofia Machado

My fascination for travel began early – since I was baby that I was travelling with my parents to everywhere, inside and outside Portugal.

It would be, however, at the age of 5, when I convinced my parents to put me alone in a plane to go to visit my uncles in Germany that this passion aroused in full, in a typical case of love at first flight!

Passionate by the outdoors and nature, you can find me exploring new destinations by walking, by bike, by kayak or by boat. I love the unexpected, the spontaneity and not really knowing where I am … that the travels enable.

Slowly, I’ve been in the four corners of the world and found a little piece of heaven in Australia, where I explore every kilometre since six years ago and where I (re)discovered surf, in which I’m truly addicted. I share the experience on the website

I have almost infinite patience, but in the absence of chocolate I can turn into an aggressive person. But all ends up well if I can sleep outdoors or in a tent. Once a journey ends, I start to think about next destination.