Indonesia, a Land of many lands with Miriam Augusto


Indonesia, officially Republic of Indonesia, is the world biggest archipelago with more than 17 00 islands? More than 235 millions inhabitants? More than 200 ethnic groups? More than 500 dialects? It’s easy to realize from where comes all the fascination of this country!

With a culture where the ancient temples, music and rituals abound; Wildlife that goes from the giant prehistoric Komodo dragon until orangutans; Landscapes such lush forests, fertile and extensive rice fields and savannahs; Beaches, or better, little paradises where you can enjoy the best waves in the world or have a look in the waters with the world’s greatest diversity of coral reef fish; Indonesia is a country with endless resources and rich diversity, where it’s hard to be nothing to our liking!

Everything changes from region to region, from island to island and this, may be your great adventure!


  • Get along with the “people from the forest”, the orangutans;
  • Experience the funeral ceremonies in Tana Toraja;
  • Meet with Komodo dragons;
  • Snorkel among diverse and luxuriant coral reefs;
  • Engage in vibrant Balinese culture.


Day 1 - Arrival Jakarta, Javasee

Selamat datang ke Indonesia!!

Your adventure starts landing in Jakarta city, in Java!

Once checked in, you'll be able to rest from the long flight hours or choose to start discovering Jakarta, the capital city.

Accommodation: hotel (may share bathroom)

Meals: -

Day 2 – Navigation through Tanjung Putting NP, Borneosee

Early in the morning we leave for the island of Borneo, the jungle that appeals to all seeking adventure in uncharted territory.

Arrived to the Pangkalan bun airport, we will go to Kumai where we board up in a traditional wooden boat, the Klotok.

Peacefully, we explore the banks of the Sekoyer River and get into the Tanjung Putin National Park, making the first stop at Tanjung Harapan Rehabilitation Centre, to witness the feeding time. This is where the magic happens! We start to hear twigs and branches to break, moves that seem invisible and suddenly they appear, orangutans, "people from the forest"! They’re moving up through the top of the trees. A moment that you will never forget: your first encounter with orangutans!

We continue upstream and the most sharp eyes will see long-nosed monkeys, cebus, gibbons, crocodiles and with some luck, orangutans along the banks.

The night is spent on board and at the sound of the forest.

Accommodation: typical boat, klotok

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 3 - Navigation through Tanjung Putting NP, Borneosee

We wake up with the sunrise, involved in the vastness of the forest.

After the breakfast we follow our boat trip to Pondok Tanggui and later to the famous Camp Leakey Research Centre and Rehabilitation for Orangutan where, upon arrival, there is a possibility of having some orangutans waiting for you.

We have lunch and do a short trekking (about one hour) through the forest, which will lead us to another feeding site. The amount of orangutans that appears is fascinating and there is also a curious gibbon!

We spend one more night on board.

Accommodation: typical boat, klotok

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 4 - Navigation through Tanjung Putting NP, Borneo and travel to Rantepao, Sulawesisee

The morning is still last in the National Park, but already making our return to the airport. It is time to relax, enjoy the scenery, watch some more wildlife and remember the moments spent in the middle of orangutans.

Sulawesi is the island that follows! Arrived at the airport in Makassar, we are transported to our homestay in Rantepao, a journey that will last about 6 to 8 hours.

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: breakfast

Day 5 - Tana Toraja, Sulawesisee

Today we’ll dive in indigenous Toraja culture named Aluk or "the way"! A well preserved cultural heritage of thousands of years.

In Toraja, a person is not considered dead until his funeral ceremony, tomate. It is this celebration that is so absorbing and that we will try to assist!

The ceremony is often held weeks, months or years after death, enough time for the family of the deceased gather the resources needed to cover the expenses of the funeral. During the waiting period, the body of the deceased is wrapped in several layers of cloth and kept in tongkonan, typical house. It is believed that his soul remains around the village until the moment when the first buffalo is sacrificed; then his spirit can begin its journey to Puya (the “land of souls”, or afterlife). The bullfights and sacrifice of animals is considered by torajans as the most exciting in this event. However, it is a ritual that can disturb the most sensitive ones!

The day of the ceremony characterized by the sounds of screams and cries of family members is when the deceased is then buried, but not on the floor. His final resting place is a cave in a cliff top!

It is in these original tombs, lost amidst the wonderful scenery of Toraja that we will walk during the day!

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: breakfast

Day 6 - Trekking in Tana Toraja mountains, Sulawesisee

*Medium-high difficulty trekking, not advisable for those who have vertigo, spinal problems and cardio-respiratory diseases.

In the morning, we start our trekking, which will last two days*, through the mountains of Tana Toraja. The final destination today is the Limbong village, where we’ll spent the night in a typical house, Tongkonan.

Until then, enjoy the fascinating spread of hills and valleys where sleek buffalo wallow in lush green paddy fields and the friendliness, hospitality and daily life of the people of the small villages through which we move.

Accommodation: tongkonan, traditional house

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 7 - Trekking in Tana Toraja mountains, Sulawesisee

Today, for the early risers, can start at 6a.m. time when the children of the village gather to go to school. You'll be surprised to discover the path that they do everyday!

After breakfast, we retake our trekking back to Rantepao.

It's time to get some rest, dinner and catch the bus that will take us to the Makassar airport for another flight.

Accommodation: sleeper bus

Meals: breakfast

Day 8 - Ubud, Balisee

Early in the morning, we fly to the island of Bali, being our destination Ubud, the cultural centre of this island, known for its classical dancers and talented musicians, as well as for its painters and craftsmen.

The afternoon, starts with a visit to two of the most iconic temples on the outskirts of Ubud. We start by Gunung Kawi. Prepare yourself to 270 steps! This temple consists in a complex of 10 shrines carved in the rocks of the cliffs, with a length of 8 meters in height. Each of the shrines is believed to be a memorial to the Balinese royals of the 11th century, however little is known about it.

Then, we follow to Tirta Empul. Legend says that the sacred spring was created by the God Indra, whose forces were poisoned by Mayadanawa. In order to revive them, pierced the earth creating the source of immortality. Since then, for over 1000 years, the Balinese have been attracted to this place, bathing in the sacred waters for healing and spiritual purification. Does anyone go bathing?

Accommodation: homestay

Meals: -

Day 9 – Ubud, Balisee

The morning will be dedicated to Pasar Seni, the largest market in the city. As well as being a must visit, it is also the ideal place for those who want to shop. Located across the street from Ubud Palace, streets full of vendors display handkerchiefs, handmade fabric bags, baskets or hats, statues, painted pictures and many other craft products made in the surrounding villages. We return to Ubud, in time to have lunch and where you can enjoy the free afternoon to visit the Ubud Palace, have a coffee at Taman Saraswati Temple or lose yourself in shopping by Pasar Seni, the largest market in the city.

The afternoon is free, visit Ubud Palace, have a coffee at Taman Saraswati Temple, hang out with monkeys at Monkey Forest, relax with a massage or refresh yourself at the Tegenungan waterfall.

At night, the temples are invaded by performances of Balinese dance. As an option, you can watch one of them, as a farewell to this magnificent city.

Accommodation: homestay

Meals: breakfast

Day 10 - Padang Padang, Balisee

Today we’ll head towards one of the heaviest waves of the Bukit Peninsula, Padang Padang! There’ll be time for a swim and to relax, in this small beach bordering on perfection.

In the late afternoon we go to Luhur Ulu Watu Temple, to watch the popular Kecak dance as the sun sets.

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: breakfast

Day 11 - Navigation through Komodo NP: Kelor, Rinca and Kalong Islandssee

Early, we catch the flight towards Flores Island, dominated by the Portuguese between the 16th and 19th centuries. However, it is through the Komodo National Park that we will sail for the next few days.

The Komodo National Park, one of the Seven Wonders of Nature, consists of several volcanic islands, inhabited by about 5,700 giant lizards, whose appearance and aggressive behaviour have led to them being called Komodo dragons,Varanus komodoensis. One species that does not exist anywhere in the world!

Once on board, we begin our navigation through a warm, turquoise blue sea, dotted here and there with brown islands. The first stop is on the island of Kelor and it is precisely here that we begin the discovery of the underwater world. If you are looking for panoramic views, the suggestion is to climb to the highest point of the island.

Rinca is the next stop where, accompanied by a Ranger, we do a trekking of about two hours along the island in search of the famous dragons. Their sighting is not guaranteed! However, the wildlife of this island is rich and besides monkeys, you can see buffalos, Timor deer, horses, boars, as well as some species of birds.

The sunset will be next to Kalong Island, to watch the daily migration of the flying foxes that spend the day here, towards the island of Flores. A show worthy of appreciation!

Accommodation: boat cabin

Meals: lunch and dinner

Day 12 - Navigation through Komodo NP: Padar and Gilia Lawa Darat Islandssee

The sunrise will be seen from the top of Padar Island, after a walk of about 30 minutes. As soon as the first rays appear, you will be fascinated by the view!

Two more islands follow! Brilliant white sand beaches and blue waters surging over coral reefs. Undoubtedly one of the most dramatic scenery that you will see throughout your trip! Here are the richest waters in the country, with diverse and luxuriant coral reefs, due to the clear water, intense sunlight and rapid exchange of nutrient-rich water from deeper areas of the archipelago. Immerse yourself in another world while doing snorkelling!

The sunset will be next to the island Gili Lawa Darat, or even at its top for the more adventurous.

Accommodation: boat cabin

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 13 - Navigation through Komodo NP: Kanawa Island and return to Labuan Bajo, Floressee

During the morning we make a final stop before returning to Labuan Bajo, on the island of Kanawa. The turquoise blue sea that surrounds this island, in part untouched, is full of sea stars and colourful fish. Take the opportunity to dive one last time with the snorkelling mask or enjoy the last moments in this paradise on earth, relaxing on the white sandy beach.

Once again on board, we continue towards the city of Labuan Bajo, in a journey of about 1 hour. Once arrived at the port, we said goodbye to the crew that accompanied us along these days and are transported to our hotel.

The rest of the afternoon is free to wander around this small town that provides us with magnificent sunsets or to continue bathing, but this time in the pool.

Accommodation: hotel

Meals: breakfast and lunch

Day 14 - Return from Labuan Bajo, Floressee

Last day in Indonesia!

Accordingly to your flight you’ll be transfered to Komodo Airport.

Have a safe flight and terima kasih!

Accommodation: -

Meals: breakfast

What is included?

  • Days: 14
  • Accommodation: 5 nights in hotel, 2 nights in homestay, 1 night in hostel, 4 nights aboard, 1 night in tongkonan (typical Toraja house), 1 night in sleeper bus
  • Transports: 5 domestic flights; 2 boat journeys, 1 bus journeys
  • 18 Meals: 9 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 3 dinners
  • Activities: All activities mentioned in the program
  • Guide in Tanjung Putin National Park, Tana Toraja and Komodo National Park
  • Travel insurance on the dates of the program
  • Monitoring and guidance throughout the trip by Miriam Augusto
  • Group size: 5 (minimum), 11(maximum)


What is not included?

  • International airfare
  • Visa: 35USD
  • Single supplement: 165€
  • Airport transfers: +/- 20€
  • Unspecified meals
  • Extra activities
  • Unspecified visits
  • Donation to the funeral ceremony
  • Expenses of personal nature
  • Tips

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